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Granite Cleaning & Polishing Service in Greater Gainesville, Florida

People chose granite flooring because of its lustrous finish which beautifies their property without much effort. Granite is durable, acid-resistant, and easy to maintain. But over time, even the best of the stones can lose their shine, accumulate stains, and look dull. If you are dealing with dull granite flooring, call Dreyer’s Carpet Care, we can help restore its beauty!
We have been providing cleaning services to residential and commercial properties in Chiefland, Hampton, Satsuma, and nearby areas in Gainesville, Florida, just give us a call at 352-289-8185 and we will be on our way!

Professional Granite Polishers in Florida

Materials such as marble, limestone, and granite are quite absorbent. If dark liquid like red wine or black coffee spills, the floors will be stained in no time. Our stain removal procedure will make sure these stains are removed gently.

If abrasive cleaning chemicals are used to mop or scrub granite floors, it can strip off the natural shine of it. Our trained technicians’ deep clean floors using powders and solutions that are specifically designed to clean granite and marble floorings. We will also hone and polish dull areas of the floors making sure there are no visible scratches or wear patterns.

Lastly, using high-quality, professional-grade sealers we seal off the floors to protect it from stains and foot traffic.

Why Dreyer’s?

• Our experienced technicians have earned certifications from RIA, IICRC, and other industry-leading organizations.
• We have years of experience in granite, marble, and wood floor cleaning.
• We provide 24/7 emergency service.

Dreyer’s will help restore the curb appeal of your property in the most efficient way and cost-effective pricing. Contact us online to know more.