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VCT Cleaning in Greater Gainesville, Florida

Vinyl Composite Tile or VCT is a mixture of natural limestone, filler materials, a thermoplastic binder, and color pigments. Floorings done with VCT are resilient and durable which makes it a popular choice for residential and commercial properties. However, VCTs are highly porous and hence needs regular maintenance and professional care to preserve its luster.

If your VCT floors are losing their shine or get stained over time, Dreyer’s Carpet Care can help. Our trained professionals have mastered the art of cleaning and polishing VCT floors.

Our service areas are Chiefland, Hampton, Satsuma, and nearby areas in Gainesville, Florida. Call 352-289-8185 or contact us online, one of our friendly representatives will answer your further queries.

Trained Cleaners for Effective Results

Although VCT floors can withstand heavy foot traffic, the material is still very porous. Scratches from shoe soles or stains from dark liquids can decrease the overall curb appeal of a property. At Dreyer’s, our crew is factory-trained to clean every type of floor, be it VCT, marble, or granite, we outline customized cleaning plans for every property.

We use cleaning chemicals and equipment that are specifically designed for tiled floors, making sure no harsh scrubbing or mopping is done. Our cleaning procedure will ensure there aren’t any visible stains, scratches, or rustiness on the floors.
We will finish off this procedure with our commercial polishing which will help in bringing back the shine.

Why are we the Best Tile Cleaners in Florida?

Dreyer's Carpet Care is a family-owned business providing satisfactory services for Florida properties since 1979. Our cleaning technicians are certified from RIA, IICRC, and other industry-leading organizations. Moreover, we have 24/7 emergency response for prompt service.

If you decide to hire us for your floor cleaning, you will not be disappointed!