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Revitalization Service in Greater Gainesville, Florida

Mopping and scrubbing wooden floors with over-the-counter cleaning agents will make them lose their shine. Moreover, if these cleaning products contain acrylic wax, over time, the surface of the floors will have an unpleasant wax buildup. Dreyer’s Carpet Care has the perfect solution to these problems. Our trained cleaning professionals will take off the wax from your wooden floors and revitalize it to restore its shine.

If you reside in Chiefland, Hampton, Satsuma, or nearby areas Gainesville, Florida, give us a call at 352-289-8185 or contact Dreyer’s online.

Revitalization Procedure for Florida Properties

Our procedure starts with moving the furniture, and if possible, rugs and carpets too. Then we will sweep and clean the floor using powders specifically designed to clean wooden floors. Our cleaning process removes all the dirt, grime, and residue out of the way and makes the revitalization much more effective.
Next, we apply stripping agents to dissolve and loosen the accumulated wax and extract the liquid residue using our truck-mounted cleaning system. Lastly, a thin coat of polyurethane is used to seal the floor before applying the revitalizing chemical.

Why Choose Dreyer’s?

• The cleaning agents we use for cleaning and revitalizing is non-toxic and safe for households.
• Our crew is experienced in filling up scratches on the floors and restoring the lost shine perfectly.
• Our cleaning professionals are IICRC certified and have been providing satisfactory cleaning services for more than a few decades.

We also provide cleaning and polishing for wooden and marble floors. Call us or contact us online to know more.