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Concrete Polish in Greater Gainesville, FL

Dreyer's Carpet Care specializes in polishing and cleaning concretes. We are your local concrete and carpet cleaning contractors providing services to both residential and commercial properties.
Homes and businesses are relying on the polishing procedure as it can transform old slabs into shining new ones’, and has various other advantages.

Do you reside in Chiefland, Hampton, Satsuma, or nearby areas in Gainesville, Florida? Call us at 352-289-8185 or contact us online to get in touch. Along with polishing, we provide concrete cleaning, concrete staining, and floor cleaning services.

Benefits of Polished Concretes

Polishing concrete floors have multiple steps. Depending on the condition of your floor, our project managers will outline a quotation before starting the smoothing process. The process is toxic-free and the use of industrial vacuums makes sure there are no harmful fumes. Polished concrete is,

• Stain-resistant: Keeps your concrete floor stain resistant as it tightens the surface making it dense enough to combat stain.
• Safe: Safer to use as it creates more friction even if it is slightly wet.
• Easy to maintain: Polished floors are tightly compacted so it does not require frequent scrubbing and waxing.
• Transformed outlook: A polished concrete floor is shiny and reflects more light which gives it an overall attractive outlook.
• Sustainability: Mostly sand, water, and cement is used to polish concrete floors, so it is economically and environmentally sustainable.
• Cost-effective: Installing and maintaining polished concrete is cost-effective. Since the concrete is already present, the polishing procedure is not very expensive.

Trust Dreyer's Carpet Care with Your Florida Properties

Our team is IIRC certified and goes through vigorous training to provide the best service for Florida homes. Call us at 352-289-8185 or contact us online.