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Carpet Odor Removal Services in Gainesville, Florida

Carpet Odor Removal Services in Gainesville, Florida

Sometimes, a stain or a simple spot on the carpet can leave behind an undesirable odor. Therefore, a thorough "deep rinsing" cleaning process is used to remove odors from the carpet. The carpet cleaning process of Dreyer's Carpet Care is a great way to flush the soil and odor-causing contaminants from your carpet's fiber.

For more than 40 years, Dreyer's has been removing pesky pet odors and other carpet-related odors for customers in GainesvilleAlachuaChiefland, Doctors Inletand throughout our North Florida service area.

Post-Cleaning Carpet Deodorizing Services by Dreyers Carpet Care in North Florida

  • Enzyme Treatments

Enzymes treatments can be used for organic odors. It works slowly by digesting odor-causing organic materials. Enzyme treatments can be successful in dealing with very minor pet urine problems.

  • Anti-Microbial Treatment

Anti-Microbial Treatments are used for odors caused by bacteria. By killing the bacteria causing the odor, you eliminate the odor. With urine contamination, it is possible to have secondary bacterial growth which can contribute greatly to the odor problem. Most anti-microbial treatments leave a residue that continues to work against the contamination for some time. This may be a negative for those who have chemical sensitivity.

  • Oxidizers

Oxidizers can be effective for all kinds of organic odors, but also odors caused by microbial organisms. Oxidizers work by transferring oxygen to the odor-causing substance, which essentially burns up the odor-causing molecule, thereby eliminating the odor. Oxidizers are environmentally friendly and may be preferred by those who are chemically sensitive.

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  • Paring or Masking Agents

Some deodorizers work by masking the offending odor molecules. They don’t really change them chemically, they don’t neutralize them and they have no effect on the living organism that may be producing the odor. Pairing, or masking agents, capture the offending odor molecule and simply hide it from your nose temporarily.

  • Foo Foo

Foo Foo refers to a good scent to mask a bad one. It comes in many different flavors: vanilla, peppermint, cherry, lemon, etc. These are the least expensive deodorizers. They temporarily replace an undesirable scent with a more desirable one.

Which Deodorizing Option Works Best?

Removing the source of the odor i.e. uprooting the cause is always the best strategy and, so, the most expensive one too. The most suitable option depends on both your situation & budget.

Dreyer's Pet Odor Removal Process is Time-Tested

Dreyers offers several solutions for dealing with pet odors. We can guarantee complete removal of pet odor in most cases. Here’s what you should know about pet urine odor as it applies to carpet:

  • The problem is most likely a multilayer problem
  • The urine is in the face yarn
  • The urine has soaked through the primary backing (latex) and secondary backing (polypropylene)
  • The urine is soaked through the padding underneath the carpet
  • The urine has soaked into the subfloor underneath the pad
  • The urine could also be soaked into surrounding baseboards and walls, furniture and drapes
  • The longer the problem exists, the more pungent it becomes
  • Urine can sometimes cause permanent stains that may not be removed

Trust Dreyer's to Remove Carpet Odors in Alachua & Bell, FL

Dreyers Carpet Care can guarantee the elimination of most severe pet odor problems, provided the urine is limited to the carpeted area, pad, and flooring below. Our technicians are dedicated to your service 24/7/365. Contact us online or give us a call today at 352-289-8185 to get more information or set up an appointment. For more than four decades, we have been serving in Alachua, Bell, Earleton, Brooker, Evinston, and other cities in the Greater Gainesville, Florida area.