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Customer Photo Solutions Provided
Rowland, Kara
Gainesvile, FL
April 8, 2019

Our trained tech was able to clean the rugs with ease and the colors did not run.

Gretter, Pamela
Gainesville, FL
April 2, 2019

The rug was professionally cleaned and the 'white knots' where repaired to the customer's satisfaction for their heirloom rug.

Julie J
Gainesville, FL
April 15, 2016

A customer spilled dishwashing liquid on the carpet in her Gainesville home that left a mark. Our carpet cleaning technician applied a chemical defoamer directly to the spots and rinsed them with water until the foam was completely removed from the carpet.

Becky S
Gainesvile, FL
April 2, 2016

A customer in Gainesville needed paint removed from her carpets so our technician used a specialized ink removal cleaning method and applied several applications to extract the remaining ink from the carpet. As a result, most of the ink was removed and the remainder was barely visible.

Celia B
Gainesville, FL
March 31, 2016

A Gainesville homeowner's carpets had pet stains and odor from pet urine. Unfortunately, after trying several home remedies for carpet cleaning, nothing was strong enough to remove the stains and odor.

Luckily, we used an enzyme solution and our technician let it sit for several minutes to penetrate the carpets. The enzyme solution was able to break up urine crystals and remove the accompanying odor. He then used a special claw tool to extract the odor and stain from the carpet and padding.

Kylie B
Gainesville, FL
March 30, 2016

A customer who was living in Gainesville, FL, was moving out of her apartment but had to have red spots and stains removed from the carpet. She hired a cleaning company to remove the carpet stains but the stains were still visible when they finished.

Our carpet cleaning technicians applied our extremely effective carpet cleaning product, Red Be Gone to the carpet and it removed the stains before they eventually disappeared.

Melissa A
Gainesville, FL
March 15, 2016

A customer had tenants living in their Gainesville, FL rental home who accidentally spilled bleach on the carpet causing permanent carpet stains. The homeowner and realtor were concerned that the stains would affect the resale when the house was put on the market but our carpet cleaning solution effectively removed the carpet stains and saved the homeowner the cost of replacing the carpet.

Suzanne D
Gainesville, FL
March 10, 2016

A customer in Gainesville, FL spilled 1/2 gallon of paint on their carpet. We used a specialized carpet cleaning method to extract the paint stain leaving her with stainless carpets once again.

Eric S
Gainesville, FL
March 4, 2016

A customer needed carpet cleaning with stain removal in his commercial building. Our carpet cleaning technicians soaked the area with an enzyme solution to break down the urine crystals in the carpet and completely removed the carpet stains via water extraction.

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