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Wood Floor Care in Gainesville, FL

Wood Floor Cleaning:

Wood floors are found in homes and businesses everywhere and are significant investments that must be protected. Even the most durable wood floor needs to be cleaned thoroughly from time to time to rejuvenate its appearance.

Dreyer’s DKI can clean and re-coat your hardwood floor with a dust free process. This maintenance process is designed to help you avoid the dust storm that comes with sanding. This process will not restore areas that have been damaged from water or areas worn from loss of polyurethane or deep scratches. It will, however, restore small scratches and add an additional layer of the latest generation of polyurethane technology. This product is specially formulated for heavy traffic on commercial and residential hardwood floors. It provides unmatched durability among such environmentally friendly floor finishes.

Wood Floor Cleaning Tips:

·Clean spills immediately - The longer substances are on the floor, the more likely they will cause scratches, stains, and warping.

·Prepare the floor- Remove all caked-on debris from the floor and vacuum thoroughly.

·Use the right products – Only use floor cleaners that are specifically formulated for wood floors.

·Keep the floor dry – Use air movers after cleaning to avoid trapping liquid inside the wood.

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