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Most Common Types of Soil Found in Carpet

Our primary function as a cleaning service is identifying and removing soils in an effective and efficient manner.  The more we know about dirt/soil the more successfully we can deal with it.  Soil is a destructive force. Unless it is removed promptly, soil will discolor and eventually destroy any carpet.

As previously stated, the key job of carpet cleaning is to remove soil from carpet. However, there are several different types of soils and contaminants found in carpets. Knowing what type of soil is in the carpet is frequently the first step in effectively removing it.

As much as 80% of these soils are actually deposited onto carpets from the shoe bottoms of people walking into facilities, according to Mark Baxter, a carpet cleaning expert and product manager for U.S. Products…

U.S. Products’ Carpet Cleaning Advisory found the top 10 types of soils found in carpets:

1. Sand, clay, and other “gritty” materials

2. Natural fibers such as lint from clothing

3. Gum

4. Petroleum, oil, and grease

5. Human hair and skin

6. Dust mites, fleas, and other insects

7. Organic soils and materials (minerals and soils from landscaping areas, for example)

8. Airborne carbon and automotive exhaust

9. Spilled food or beverages

10. So-called “miscellaneous unknowns”

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