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Green Carpet Cleaning in Gainesville FL

What exactly is green carpet cleaning?

You hear a lot in the media about green this and green that but what exactly is green cleaning? It’s a cleaning process that uses solutions that are safe for the environment and, as a bonus, are safe for your family and pets as well.

Of course, no matter how concerned you are about the environment, when you’re paying to have your carpets cleaned, you expect outstanding results.

Green Carpet Cleaning products need more of their safer active ingredients to allow them to clean as well as non-green products with their more caustic chemical formulations. The result is environmentally healthier products that clean just as well, if not better than non-green products.

If you live in Gainesville or surrounding areas we urge you to consider Dreyer’s DKI green cleaning process for your next carpet cleaning service. It’s the right choice for your home, your family and our planet. We offer this service because we believe in it. It’s what we use in our own homes because we wouldn’t trust our families and our environment to anything else.

We are more than just a carpet cleaning company…

Yes, we clean carpets. Our job is to give your carpets a clean, bright, like-new appearance and provide outstanding service and value.

But we are also moms and dads, pet owners and homeowners. We live in the community and care about environment we share.

You care about the safety of your family, your children, your pets. So do we. You care about the environment. So do we. That’s why we urge you to consider our Green Cleaning process for your next carpet cleaning service.

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Healthier for YOUR family.

Healthier for YOUR pets.

Healthier for YOUR planet.

Can the way you have your carpet cleaned change the world?  We believe the answer is Yes!  Call Dreyer's for all of your carpet cleaning needs in Gainesville FL.