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Benefits of Using Deodorizer on Carpet in Gainesville, FL

If you are unfamiliar with deodorizers, you can think of them as deodorant for your carpet. Deodorizers are great if you have pets, small children, or if you spend a significant amount of time in your home. They neutralize odors by eliminating them at their source while powerful encapsulating agents work hard to provide instant relief from odor. 

Deodorizers are not simply cover up fragrances that mask odor for a short time, rather they chemically bond with the odor molecule, permanently change its structure and eliminating the odor.

Benefits of Deodorizer:

1) Adds a fresh scent

2)Provides long lasting results

3)Destroys a variety of odors

4)Removes the source of odors

5)Neutralizes odors at the source

If you want your carpets to smell as good as they look, include deodorizer with all of your carpet and upholstery cleanings. Let Dreyer's DKI freshen up your home! Contact us to schedule a cleaning appointment today. 

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