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Wood/Laminate Floor Cleaning in Greater Gainesville, FL

Wood/Laminate Floor Cleaning in Greater Gainesville, FL

A hardwood floor adds a timeless, vintage feel to your home. It provides a warm, inviting finishing touch that no other flooring option can match.

Not only does it look classy and luxurious in an old-fashioned and rustic way, but it also feels cozy and comfortable underfoot. The natural grain and texture of the treated wood provide a gentle foot massage with every barefoot step you take.

For those who long for a hardwood floor but cannot quite afford it, you can still approximate the look and feel with a laminated floor. Not only is laminate much cheaper to purchase, but it is durable and offers a luxurious and classy-looking finish that looks very much like a hardwood floor.

When you need to clean wood or laminate flooring at your home or business in the Greater Gainesville, Florida area, our IICRC-certified technicians from Dreyer's Carpet Care excel at either option. Our company has been creating satisfied customers in our local communities for more than four decades. 

Laminate or Wood, Your Floor Still Needs TLC

Whether you go with wood or laminate flooring, one fact remains: you must have your floor cleaned, regularly and professionally, if you want it to look as good as it can. At your home, your floors always will be exposed to more dirt and dust than any other feature in the house.

Neglecting regular, professional cleaning can and will make your wood or laminate floor look dingy and unattractive. No amount of polishing, mopping or sweeping can change that. Worse, you may even be allowing your expensive hardwood floor to slowly degrade into ugly, pockmarked planks infested with harmful pollutants and pests.

So if you’ve made the decision to have a hardwood or laminate floor installed in your home or commercial property, it’s prudent to seek out a professional cleaning team to perform regular maintenance on your floor. For residents of Gainesville, Florida and its surrounding communities, that team has to be Dreyer's Carpet Care. 

A little TLC from the seasoned cleaning pros is the only way to preserve your floor's looks and functionality for the foreseeable future.

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Count on Dreyer’s Carpet Care to Service Your Wood/Laminate Floor

Whether you choose a hardwood or laminate floor to complete the look of your home in the Greater Gainesville, FL area, the upkeep should still be the same. Both surfaces need TLC to look their best and our IICRC-certified cleaning experts from Dreyer’s Carpet Care will provide that. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 352-289-8185 for a free estimate. We also clean carpets, rugs, furniture, and much more. We have been creating satisfied customers throughout the Greater Gainesville, Florida area for more than four decades.